Wave of the Future - Video Fusion Wedding Photography and the Death of the Videographer

As a new feature for 2011, many professional photographers are now offering video as a part of their wedding photography services. This is designed to enhance the slide shows that they already produce for couples with video clips and voiceovers. This is called “video fusion”, and it is the wave of the future in wedding photography.

Most newer prosumer and professional digital SLR cameras are now coming equipped with video capabilities, so it only stands to reason that professional photographers are starting to incorporate video into their wedding packages. After all, when a priceless moment happens such as a special toast or a crazy first dance, all of the still images in the world can’t compare to the actual video footage complete with sound and movement! While we personally dabbled in it in 2010, we are now more heavily invested in it as a result of our recent trip to San Antonio for the 2011 Imaging USA photographer’s convention sponsored by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). Imaging USA is one of the largest photography conventions in the nation, second only to the WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) convention which is held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas every year. These two conventions reveal the latest trends in the professional photography industry, as well as any new gear that is introduced by the major manufacturers for the upcoming year.

Both conventions are the places to be when a photographer wants to keep up with all of the new ideas and technology, and attendance is essential in order to stay ahead of the curve. This January, the talk of the town, so to speak, was all about video fusion photography. There were companies such as Triple Scoop Music which offers licensed music for sale to use in fusion slide shows and webmasters designing streamlined ways to upload and display these shows on web sites. There were companies that offered online services that can create slick Hollywood style fusion slide shows to post on social media networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. From the Nikon and Canon ‘gear’ booths, to the album companies offering fusion slide shows embedded into the actual covers of their wedding albums, to the software companies offering the latest versions of professional video editing programs, rumors of the death of the traditional videographer was rampant. Although video fusion is not intended to replace traditional videography completely in the wedding industry, it sure will change the way a bride shops for these services. Video fusion is cheaper to produce, in that the same photographer who is documenting a wedding through still images can easily record video clips in the same camera during the wedding. This means that the expense of hiring a separate videography service is no longer needed if the couple would be satisfied with shorter video ‘clips’ of their wedding instead of a full featured film. The general consensus of opinion regarding this matter is that during these difficult economic times, brides are looking to trim expenses for the nonessential services while trying to find value in the services that they do buy. Video fusion accomplishes this goal. It certainly is a scary time for the traditional videographer, to be sure. Maybe the next trend will be that the professional videographer will begin to incorporate still images into his or her video services, much like the professional photographer has done with the incorporation video fusion into his or her still imagery. One caveat: neither professional photography nor professional videography is an easy skill to acquire. Both involve a steep learning curve. That being said, this video fusion trend is certainly challenging both industries to think outside the box. Coming up with innovative new ways to provide beautiful wedding memories to the bride and groom is the name of the game, so whatever methods professionals come up with to deliver those memories creatively is a good thing.

Hopefully professional videographers will remember one thing: when the switch to digital photography happened years ago, the same predictions about the ‘death of professional photography’ were prevalent. The industry has had its ups and downs along the way, but it is still thriving. In addition to the trade show aspect of the convention, which always results in thousands of photographers spending way too much money on the latest and greatest equipment, there were countless educational opportunities.


Is outsourcing the task of writing SEO articles the right choice..? Yes it is! Does it save you both time and money to do this..? Of course it does! Is it EASY to have this task outsourced..? Hmmm…

If you’re managing your business by yourself, then there’s no doubt that having your SEO articles outsourced is the right decision. The question is… Do you know the best practices of outsourcing these kinds of tasks? Thinking that outsourcing articles is a “cut and dry” process that doesn’t require much thought is a big mistake.

Here are 5 of the best tips that you should remember when outsourcing your articles:

Purchase Copyscape to make sure that your SEO Articles are Original

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to promote Copyscape or anything like that. I’m telling you to purchase Copyscape simply because it’s the right thing to do. No matter how many times you’ll reiterate on your job posting that you only need original articles/contents, the risk of someone sending you copy pasted articles is still there. Why risk it?

Ask for samples of their most current written SEO articles

When you post jobs, specify in your criteria that you need them to send you a sample of their written articles. Most of the online freelance writers are pretty honest about this so they’ll just send you their written articles. From there, you’d be able to judge their writing style and quality.

Interview the Prospect about their Submitted SEO Articles

After the prospects submit their sample article, ask them key questions like what their keywords are, why they chose those keywords, what the monthly searches are for the keywords etc… This way, you’d know if the writer does in-fact knows his SEO and if he’s really the ones who wrote the article.

Include the Pricing of your SEO Article in your Job Post’s Title

Adding your rate in the title decreases the occurrence of spamming DRAMATICALLY!

Emphasize that you need SEO Articles and not just Articles

Some freelancers, especially the newbies think that SEO is the actual topic of the article that they’ll be writing about. To make sure that nothing like this happens, emphasize that you want articles that are SEO optimized.

These are just some of the best practices that you might want to consider when outsourcing your article writing tasks. Although article writing is time consuming and may be a bit taxing, you should understand that articles are crucial to your business’s success. Time management is the key in cases like these.


Commodity Trading Robot

The Forex robot industry, is one where most robots make ludicrous gains of profits which are simply not true; so how much can you realistically make and which is the best robot based upon real time, audited performance? Let’s take a look.

The problem with most traders is they believe the figures presented to them by robot vendors are real time trading but if you look closely, you will see most are simply simulations done in hindsight over past data. All the vendor does, is bend the system to fit the data and he gets a profit. The problem with a simulation is obvious, anyone can make money knowing the closing prices!

Other Forex robots, try and present “live results” and claim that the figures represent real trading. The problem is the results are never in real time and there never audited. A quick look around message boards online, will show you bemused traders talking about why their losing and the live results from the vendor are winning! So only accept verified figures of real money gains, by a neutral outside ratings agency or accountant.

So which is the best Forex robot, in terms of real profits and how much can you aim to make in profit?

The Turtle trading robot is based on the rules devised by multi millionaire commodity trader Richard Dennis. The rules Dennis devise made millions of dollars in real time audited profits. These rules are now programmed into a robot which will allow you, to target 100% gains, with tight risk control. Even better, you can read all the rules before you buy the robot and the logic there based on, so you can have confidence in the robots profit making ability.

If you believe the robots vendors who tell you, that you can make thousands of percent in profit with no drawdown, your going to lose money but if on the other hand, you want to make a great second income and want a robot that deals in realism rather than fantasy, get the Turtle trading robot and get on the road to trading success.

Best Forex Robots and The BEST Forex Trading Strategies for Success commodity robot review

Is Running the Best Way to Lose Belly Fat?

If you’re thinking about running in order to get rid of stomach fat, please read this article through to see whether running is the best way to lose belly fat or whether you’re missing out on an important aspect of fat loss that may prevent you from getting those flat abs you’ve always wanted.

There’s no doubt that running does reduce belly fat. All cardio workouts do to a certain extent. You exercise and you burn calories, it’s as simple as that. However, the question is whether running as most people do somehow magically burns off more belly fat than other activities do.

The answer to that is no for two reasons: lose belly fat fast

1. Running doesn’t focus your fat burning on your belly alone. No workout does. You can’t direct your body to burn more fat just from your abs. Your body loses fat from all over.

2. The way most people run is not the ultimate way to burn off body fat. It just isn’t. If you’re like most people then you are likely wasting a lot of time on ineffective workouts and have a very slim chance of ever seeing your stomach fat disappear.

The reason is that most people like to judge the effectiveness of their workout by how long it takes. They believe that they have to run for 40 minutes or maybe even an hour to really burn off fat by running. This is not true. The best way to burn lots of fat with running is to do intervals, changing your pace from fast to moderate every few minutes during the workout. It has been shown that doing intervals is a more intensive way to workout and helps you burn more calories in a shorter time. It can quickly help you to shed belly fat quickly. In addition you can probably cut your running time by half.

However, even interval running is not the best way to lose belly fat. To do that, you need to incorporate running in a more complete workout and nutrition routine. To lose the most fat possible you need to also keep your muscle tissue and develop it. This helps you to keep your metabolism running as high as possible and burning even more fat.

Running alone won’t get you the kind of results you want. Only when used as part of a bigger program does it become the best way to lose belly fat.

Herpes Treatment OTC

To date, scientists have not found a drug that totally gets rid of herpes simplex. So if you have this disease, expect to experience outbreaks, cold sores, and other symptoms once in a while. But although you can’t cure herpes, there are some products and remedies that can help you ease the symptoms.

Here are the most common herpes treatment OTC products and options found in pharmacies and online drugstores.

1. Creams

During outbreaks, you’ll have cold sores. If you have genital herpes, expect the sores to appear within the genital area. These sores are painful and itchy, so no matter how tempting, do not scratch them. Scratching them will only make matters worse. It will damage and will further irritate your skin. To heal these sores, you can apply FDA-approved creams that you can buy from drugstores.

2. Chinese herbs  Ultimate Herpes Protocol Review

Traditional Chinese doctors seem to have all the cures for different types of diseases and symptoms. And herpes is no exception. There are Chinese herbs that can effectively get rid of your symptoms or boost your immune system. You can buy these herbs from fitness and health stores, or you can order online from a reputable offshore company.

3. Sulfate-based solutions

These solutions are topical medications applied directly on the affected area. These solutions contain sulfate and other traces of elements or minerals such as copper. They have been clinically proven to prevent the further development of outbreaks. They can come in the form of a medicated oil or balm.

4. Antiviral medications

These medications help treat herpes symptoms by deactivating the herpes virus. Depending on their function, they come in different forms such as ointments, creams, and eye drops.

Preventing Outbreaks

OTC medicines and products are truly useful during outbreaks. But you don’t have to experience an actual cold sore to do something about the symptoms. As a matter of fact, there are ways that you can do to prevent future outbreaks. Here are some of them.

1. Watch what you eat.

Did you know that there are some foods that can trigger cold sores and other herpes symptoms? That’s right. These foods are those rich in arginine, and examples of these foods include the following: nuts and their products (peanuts and peanut butter), squash, orange juice, and brussel sprouts. It may be difficult to steer clear of these foods, but if you don’t want another outbreak, avoid eating them.

2. Sleep.

Staying late at night or not having enough rest is one of the factors that can trigger herpes outbreaks. So as much as possible, get at least 8 or 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Some people have difficulty completing 8 or 9 hours, so you have to manage your time well. Do everything you can in the morning, and have a good night’s sleep at night.

It can be difficult coping with herpes. But when you have a positive frame of mind, you can deal with the symptoms and live a fruitful and meaningful life.

Top Dog Trading Courses: Designed To Cover The Gambit of Trading Arenas

In which arena of the markets are you intending to trade? Stock trading? Forex trading? Option trading? Or futures trading? No matter in which of these arenas you are intending to trade, they all have one thing in common. They can all be read using a fundamental training in technical analysis. This is the kind of market training offered and taught in Dr. Barry Burns’ Top Dog Trading Courses. wealthytraders.co

At this point you might reasonably ask: Well who is Barry Burns and what makes what he has to teach so awfully important? And that would be a fair question to ask and seek to be answered.

Dr. Burns began his study of the markets under the tutelage of his father, Patrick Burns, who amassed independent wealthy through trading while gathering over seventy years of trading experience before his passing in 2005. He furthered his education by reading more than one hundred books on investing and trading, and has spent thousands of dollars on trading courses and educating himself. He’s even hired several professional traders to personally mentor him.

Burns also has a doctorate in hypnotherapy while also being a certified NLP practitioner. He has studied and has experience in the psychology of trading. And if you think that’s not a very helpful quality to have in the highly competitive arena of market trading and the effort to predict which way the markets are heading in order to fashion a winning trade, you need to keep an open mind and continue reading.

Successful experienced traders, no matter what the market, have figured out one thing that unsuccessful novice traders have yet to learn. The art of consistency in trading. And that consistency starts in the trader’s mental approach to trading. While the market itself remains notoriously inconsistent, often behaving differently than most of us expect, there are times when the market sets up in a profitable probability scenario which gives the alert trader an edge. Successful traders make it their job to be consistent in trading these probability scenarios and to trade them each time they appear regardless of their emotions.

It doesn’t much matter in technical trading whether the market is a stock, option, forex, or futures market. What matters are the chart indicators that trigger a specific probability scenario and its impending occurrence. With the right knowledge and trading discipline, almost anyone can be trained to become successful in trading the market.

The only question the aspiring successful trader has to answer then is: Do I have the discipline needed to make this trade and to stick with it according to the rules I follow? Because this is where most unsuccessful traders fail to follow through. They get caught up in the roiling emotion of the trade where more often than not they talk themselves into making a mistake. In order to succeed in trading according to the way Barry Burns teaches, a trader must be trained to be more disciplined than the average trader. This means not abandoning one’s trading rules, no matter how good a trade looks, if it violates the objective you’ve established and the rules you have back-tested.

As important as it may be to learn about and master the technical side of trading the markets, it’s the psychological side that often trips up our best intentions. One of the biggest mistakes beginners make is to over trade. But as Barry suggests: “Your job is to be better than other day traders in having the discipline to wait like a cat in the brush until just the right moment (your high probability setup) and then jump on the trade without hesitation.” Training yourself in the psychology of trading takes time and practice. But you are far ahead of the rest of the crowd if you take the time to study and learn this properly than if you hadn’t.

So, whether you are interested in trading stocks, options, the forex, or futures market, the information one learns by undertaking the study of a course like the Top Dog Trading Courses becomes invaluable no matter in what market you have chosen to trade. Successful traders learn to discipline their emotions; they learn to neutralize their emotions during a trade so that their mind remains sharp and centered on what needs to be accomplished. Having this ability is, in many instances, what separates the winners from the losers at the end of the trading day.

The best way to preview these courses is to simply sign up for the free five-day video course which will introduce you to Dr. Burns’ trading system and style of teaching. There’s no obligation, and from there you can then decide for yourself whether you want to learn more.


Nokia has come up with a quite affordable mobile phone with 3G power, QWERTY keyboard, and wide range of specs in the form of Nokia C3. This handset has been developed with a very stylish design that will catch your eyes for sure.

Looks like a Star eMobile Code reviews

Nokia C3 looks like a professional due to its sleek designed casing along with QWERTY keyboard. It is 114 grams in weight and the casing is of 115.5 x 58.1 x 13.6 mm, 63.2 cc in measurement. There has been given 2.4 inches TFT screen along with pixels layout of 320 x 240 to exhibit up to 256K colors. Nokia has made it an ideal device by adding full QWERTY keyboard and Dedicated Messaging & Contact Keys.

Outstanding Messaging & Connectivity Services Nokia has integrated this mesmerizing phone with advanced communications services viz. Text Messaging, Multimedia Messaging, Audio Messaging, Instant Messaging (Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo messenger, Google Talk & Ovi Chat) and Email with Attachment. Also, Nokia C3 is quite impressive at internet connectivity Class 32 GPRS & EDGE, WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, and WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML (Opera Mini) browsing option. If users want to share audio/video files, photographs or anything else, there are two options namely Bluetooth and USB. Social network integration is also a plus point of this phone.

Have a Look at Other Offerings

Wide range of audio/video files, pictures and videos can be stored in Nokia C3 by using its 55 MB inbuilt memory, up to 8 GB extensible, and 2 GB card included. Next to this, 2 megapixel camera is worth noticing that is furnished with 4 x Digital Zoom, 1600x1200 pixels image resolution, QCIF at 15fps video recording, 4 x Digital Video Zoom, Scene Setting (Video Light, White Balance & Colour Tone) and Video Streaming facilities. In addition to this, you can have great fun and entertainment by listening to music on Music Player (MP3, WMA, AAC, eAAC & eAAC+) and watching MP4/H.264/H.263/WMV files on video player. Also, it carries FM radio with RDS, variety of games and 3.5 mm audio jack support to serve more advanced level of entertainment. Additionally, Nokia C3 is also provided with Flash Lite v3.0, Voice command/dial, Organizer and T9 dictionary.

With all the hype on the latest weight loss product, featured on Dr. Oz, it is easy to get pulled into the intensity and anticipation of what this new supplement may do. Are we looking for just another “quick fix?” When researching products, we must keep our heads about us while filtering through all the information. Otherwise, we will end up spending money, receiving the product, only to find out that it doesn’t work and in the trash it goes. Frustrating? Absolutely! However, to increase our chances for success we must do our research.

How Does Garcinia Cambogia Work? Our bodies use enzymes to convert unused energy to fat deposits in the body. The HCA (hydroxycitric acid) blocks those enzymes preventing the storage of body fat. Your body then breaks down stored fat cells and burns body fat. HCA also increases serotonin, thus suppressing your appetite, giving you more energy. A great benefit of this supplement.

How To Find High Quality garcinia cambogia weight loss: There are a few key factors to look for that can indicate the product is genuine.

1. Third Party Monitoring: Independent monitoring companies track each company’s reputation and customer satisfaction. Reputation is key. Look for a company with a solid reputation backed by third party monitoring.

2. Risk Free Money Back Guarantee: Go with a company that guarantees their product and offers your money back if you aren’t satisfied. A company that puts its money where its mouth is believes in their product.

3. Third Party Testing: Third-party testing verifies the quality of each company’s products and is very expensive for manufacturers. It can actually disqualify complete shipments of pills. However, when companies don’t have independent quality control, there is no guarantee that their products are what they claim them to be.

A good product of Garcinia Cambogia extract should contain 60% HCA, a 1,600mg daily dose, and no additional ingredients other than a small portion of potassium this helps with HCA absorption. If there are too many other additives, the product won’t work.

Remember, do the research, your time and money are valuable. Don’t forget to look for these things when purchasing this product: High quality ingredients, 60% HCA, a 1,600mg daily dose, Risk Free Trial/Money Back Guarantee, Affordable Price, Reputable History.

*Before starting any weight loss and/or exercise program, always consult with your physician first to insure you are healthy enough to start.

Many women feel insecure about their breasts and feel there is no real working alternative to breast enhancement surgery. Breast Actives have fast become a really popular breast enhancing product that works naturally but how does breast actives work?

Online many women have praised Breast Actives as ‘a great way to enhance my breasts’ and some women are even calling it ‘revolutionary’. One woman said ‘My breasts went from an embarrassing cup size 34A to an amazing 36C. The product worked so well for me and showed great results. A friend had recommended it to me at first and all I could think was does Breast Actives work? Will it help me get bigger firmer breasts or be a complete scam? All I have to say is money well spent I found it easy to use and a truly remarkable product. These women’s testimonials show that this breast enlargement supplements do work and is the right product for women who are insecure with their breast size.

Many women often ask how Breast Actives works. This breast enhancement supplement works by causing hormones that specialize in causing boob growth to react naturally. This causes your boobs to grow in a similar way that happens during puberty. Once the hormones react the blood circulation in your breasts improve causing them to be perkier and look a lot more attractive. Both breast enhancing pills and cream are used in the treatment. They can be safely used together and will work together to give you the best results out of the treatment.

Women who have small or sagging breasts will benefit from using this boob enlargement supplement as it concentrates on those two factors to improve them. It will also help women’s skin as it causes women’s hormones to balance naturally and will help reduce the pain caused by being on your period. Many women often state they have gotten a ‘new found confidence’ once completing Breast Actives six month recommended treatment.

Research shows that every herb found in the breast enlargement cream and pills are completely safe. This means there will be no side effects to using the product and you will be able to happily use the product with no worries. This breast enlargement supplements are used efficiently and properly according to the guidelines will show you an improvement of one or two cup sizes. It shows that Breast Actives does work to help you get the breasts you have always wanted. 

Dating is really tough. Every man wants to be a stud, someone really confident that easily attracts women. But so few guys actually are. The rest of us need help, which is what Tao of Badass aims to provide.

Joshua Pellicer has a new idea for helping men date women. Becoming a much more confident, and self assured individual. Using proven psychological techniques, he promises, you’ll become a new person once you actually give this system a try. But is this a scam? the tao of badass review

Internet scams like these are pretty prevalent. There are so many products out there that promise these types of lofty goals, and then charge you money without delivering. How do you know what you’re getting into here?

Well you have to look at what you get for the money. What’s included in the package is an ebook, that’s going to provide you with tons of great written information. Including in depth techniques to give you more confidence. But you’re also going to get some great pick up lines, and conversation starters that tend to work on women.

You’re also going to get a video. This is meant to be visual instruction, sort of like a virtual class. This is where Joshua Pellicer breaks down the science of his system, and explains to you how Tao is meant to work. You can watch the video as many times as you need, and you’ll always have access.

But there’s also going to be a guide that helps you with other aspects of your life. Sometimes weight loss is going to help, some exercise can prove invaluable to self confidence. These are going to help you to change your physical appearance at the same time.

Pellicer promises that overall, this is going to help in your professional life as well. You’ll be more confident at work, ready to be a leader. Maybe even the best candidate for promotion. That’s all in what the program promises to provide to it’s buyers and users.

Plus if you read reviews from real users, you’ll find that they seem to be very happy with the product. Joshua Pellicer has also done countless TV interviews in defense of his product. Meaning there has to be something here that works. Or he’d be called out as a scam artist pretty quickly.

In the end, what I’ve found is that this system works best for users that are willing to work at gaining self confidence. There’s no secret, no magical technique to give you limitless self belief. Instead, you’re going to need to put in the hard work, day after day, to change your personal nature.

Pellicer provides the guide, but the ultimate results are up to you. Just like a weight loss program, your level of commitment is everything here. Go in half hearted, and you’re going to end up pretty disappointed in Tao of Badass.